Bathroom Cabinets Edmonton

Most bathroom cabinets are seen as vanities.  There is a small cabinet with a sink and faucet and above that is a mirror and a light.  Today though as we want more and more storage in our Edmonton homes we look to bathroom cabinets to accommodate some of this.  As a plumber from Edmonton I have done work on hundreds of bathrooms and I am surprised when I see someone just install a pedestal sink in their bathroom.  Then the very next day I will work in another home owner’s  bathroom and they will have a bathroom vanity and other bathroom cabinets to hold all the toiletries they feel are necessary.

Cabinets Edmonton

Buying cabinets in Edmonton does not always mean having to buy kitchen cabinets.  Many of the cabinet makers out there will make custom cabinets for your bathroom to fit all of your storage needs.  I know this because I do plumbing work for a few different cabinet companies in Edmonton that make some really nice wall to wall or floor to ceiling units that look great and are very useful.  Custom cabinets are so much more than just bathroom vanities.  If you plan on living in your home for years to come you should think about what can add functionality to your home.  Yes, these can be more expensive but if you are going to live in your house for the next five or more years you will get the use value back over time.

DIY Cabinets Edmonton

Most people that think about DIY projects with cabinets are thinking about their kitchens.  I thought I would put something in here as well.  You can find many cabinets that you can build yourself from many different stores.  If you go into a local hardware store that does kitchens you can get them to design something that can be used for the space in your bathroom.  Once you get the cabinets you can build and place all of these yourself.  If you want to go one step further you can go into a cabinet shop and have them custom build cabinets that you would install yourself.

In either case I would recommend hiring ta plumber to take care of the plumbing.  If you are thinking of doing a lot of cabinets in your bathroom you might want to go ahead and change out your bathtub or shower and faucets before you put those cabinets in.  Once the cabinets are in you will regret it if in a year or two you want a new bathtub.

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