Broil King Signet 20

I just finished hooking up the gas line for a Broil King Signet 20.  As most Barbeque hookups go you need to instal the quick connect for the gas.  I did have to install the hose for the side burner as well, so if you do this yourself make sure to do that or you will have live gas shooting everywhere.

As far as the Broil Kind Signet 20 goes I cannot say if it is a good BBQ or not, but it looks great, lights easy and the client loves it.

Go here to learn more about running a gas line in Edmonton.

When hooking up this BBQ I had to take out the quick connect that the previous owner used.  Just as a warning you should follow the proper procedure when hooking up any gas appliance, or even better make sure to hire someone that does this for a living.  The problem with this gas line was twofold.  First they used the wrong tape on the threads, second they used illegal fittings which could have easily burned down the whole place, and on top of that they did not protect the pipe from the elements.

Regardless on the type of natural gas barbecue you have bought you will want this installed by a qualified professional.  Feel free to give me a call at 780-264-0878




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