Warning: Do Not Trust What You See on TV


I am sitting here watching the DIY network and cannot believe my eyes.  Not sure if this is a fake tv show or actually is real, but either way this is wrong.

Some guy is taking out his dishwasher and realizes the water and electrical is still hooked up.  He starts to disconnect the water just to find out the water is still on, shocking…

Here in Alberta all dishwashers have a shutoff valve, in this guys case there was a shutoff valve, he just forgot to use it. Continue reading

Gas Line BBQ

You will need an Edmonton plumber for a gas line bbq hookup.  Even though you can actually pull a gas permit and install the gas line for your bbq yourself this may not be the smartest thing in the world to do.  Afterall we are talking about natural gas is which a highly explosive fuel that can cause you many problems if don wrong.  Even when you do get an inspector to take a look at the job does not mean you are safe. Continue reading

Forced Air or Radiant Heat

Which system would you rather have in your house or garage forced air or radiant heat?  Most people would say radiant heat based on efficiency and comfort while others will say forced air based on initial cost.

There is two types of forced air heating systems.  The most common is using a standard furnace.  The second type is using a fan coil or water furnace.  Both of these use the standard duct system to transfer the heat from the medium to the room being heated.  The reason the forced air system with the standard furnace is the most common is because of the cost to heat each room. Continue reading

Gas Stove Hook-up In Edmonton

Ever think about putting in a natural gas range or cook top in your house?  If you have used natural gas before then most likely you enjoy cooking with gas and will want another one if you should move one day.

How much do you think a gas stove will cost?  The price can vary quite a bit.  For instance I have just finished that installation of two gas lines in Edmonton for two different clients.  Both were more difficult then your normal gas fitting job. Continue reading