Edmonton Permits: Do You Need One?

If you are doing any sort of building work do you need a permit?

I was on a forum last night that people were talking about the costs of gas lines.  Everybody was saying they hire guys off of Kijiji because those guys were the cheapest price.  And better yet it these guys will do the work without a permit.  Great!

First of all I am not knocking any plumbers that are using any form of online classifieds to promote their business.

But, do you really want to save a hundred bucks and not pull a permit?  I hope you answer no to that.  I know that if you are doing more than just a gas line the cost can be a lot more than hundred dollars for a permit.  But the cost is all relative to the size of job you are doing.  Which means you might have to pay $150 for permits for $10,000 in work.  Do not under any circumstance pass on having a permit pulled.

To do so is against the law and can land you in a lot of trouble.  The maximum penalty for a first offense is currently up to 15,000 dollar fine and 6 months in prison according to safety code penalties In that same article you will see that they are trying to get this raised to a maximum of $100,000.

Do you think there is a reason for this or is this just a money grab from the municipalities throughout Alberta?  Yes, Edmonton makes a lot of money from permits, but this is not just a money grab.  I have been plumbing for 22 years now and I have seen some really bad plumbing and gas line work out there.

The plumbing and gas code books are exactly that, code, just like the criminal code is law so is every other kind of code book.  Always pull a permit.

If you go and buy a big fearsome looking BBQ for $2000 does it make sense to break the law to save $100?  Would you put $40 tires on your $60,000 SUV?  You could, at least that is your choice.

Enough ranting.

As a homeowner you can pull any permit that you want and then get an inspection when the time comes.

If you are hooking up a sink or faucet you do not need a permit, only if you are moving the fixture away from the original location.   The same is true for other plumbing fixtures within your home.  The one fixture that does require a plumbing permit is if you need to install a new water heater.  The same is true if you are installing a new furnace.

Check with the city as the rules may have changed since I have written this article.

Please remember you get what you pay for.

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