What Are The Plumbing Rates in Edmonton?

When clients of mine ask me what the plumbing rates in Edmonton are for other plumbing companies I am never sure what they are really looking for.  Do they think I am high, low, or just asking a question.

My answer to them is only what I hear from other clients and what they tell me other plumbing companies in Edmonton charge.  Seems like for the most part the range for plumbers is quite varied.  Anywhere from $85 per hour to $105 per hour.  We at Kramer Plumbing and Radiant Heat are at the $85 per hour rate.  Why?  We do not have the same overhead as some of the bigger companies.  We still have a lot of overhead and business costs, but just not as much.

I was at the wholesaler the other day and asked a few of the guys there what they were charging, and they were around the $85 to $90 rate.  With one exception, one guy was charging $60 per hour.  I asked how he could do business for so low, and he said that he was only in business until he could go back up north.

Watch out for those guys that come in cheap, they will often leave you hanging, not do as good of a job since they have nothing to lose, and never give you a warranty of any kind.

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