Garburator or Waste Disposal

Installing a garburator, sometimes called a waster disposal or garbage disposal is fairly easy to install and should take between thirty minutes to one hour plus travel time, depending on the reconfiguring of the drain pipe once the garburator is installed.

The plumber that you hire will have to disconnect the unit from the sink and then unhook the electrical.  Then remove the sink assembly.
If there is no garburator then the plumber will disconnect the ptrap and remove one or two trap adapters depending on if you have a single or double compartment sink.

Take the new garburator out of the box and place putty around the sink assembly.  He/She will then place the sink drain adapter in place and tighten.  Then they will set hook up the electrical line and place the garburator into position.  At this point they will have to reconfigure the drain to fit and hook up the ptrap again, or install a new one if necessary.

We generally come in around $170 + parts – any specials that might be on.

When buying a garburator there is a few types to look at.  The SinkErator is the most common brand and has 2 models to choose from.  The Badger series and the Evolution series.  Both of these have 3 models within the series.  Take a look at your local hardware store to see which style fits you needs.  I always go with at least a 3/4 horsepower size, but with the Evolution series you can get a larger capacity, dual grinding, and much less noisy than the Badger series.

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