Gas Fitting

Are you looking for a gas fitter in Edmonton?  When you are looking for a gas fitter you will want someone that will have your safety interests in mind.  Make sure they pull any required permits that are needed for you.

Black Iron Gas Lines

There are a few different types of material that can be used for running gas lines in your house.  The most common is black iron pipe and fittings.  Black iron has been used for many years and is a great way to run gas lines in a new house.  You need to thread each pipe before installing the pipe.  This is time consuming and much more labor intensive than other piping systems for natural gas, but black iron is far less expensive and the size of pipe generally will allow a higher load than other piping materials.

Gastite or GasTrac Piping

These are two different piping systems that use a very similar product.  To use either of these types of pipe or tube you need to have a license from the manufacturers that make the pipe.  This is a half day course that teaches you what safety requirements and other necessary bits of knowledge that you will need to run this pipe.  Make sure your Edmonton gas fitter has this license before preforming and work in your home.  I use Gastite when running a secondary line to a stove or BBQ.  This way I do not have to set up the threading machine and thread each joint at every turn.  I simply run the tubing along a location that is allowed by code.

The BTU load for Gastite is less than for black iron, so sometimes the size of the line will need to be 3/4 inch when 1/2 inch black iron would work.

The cost for the pipe and the joints is much higher than black iron, About 5 to 10 times depending on size and fittings being used.  But the drop in labor and the fact that it may be impossible to run a line in black iron after your house is built makes up for the added cost.

Copper Tubing

You may see copper tubing running to your fireplace or BBQ.  This pipe must be labelled so that a future home owner does not make the mistake that this is a water line.  Copper is much more expensive than black iron and has less flow rates, also copper is harder to run than gastite, so for these reasons you do not see copper as much as you once would.

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