Gas Stove Hook-up In Edmonton

Ever think about putting in a natural gas range or cook top in your house?  If you have used natural gas before then most likely you enjoy cooking with gas and will want another one if you should move one day.

How much do you think a gas stove will cost?  The price can vary quite a bit.  For instance I have just finished that installation of two gas lines in Edmonton for two different clients.  Both were more difficult then your normal gas fitting job.

The first one should have been super easy.  The kitchen was right about the furnace room and by the look of things I should have done that job in a couple of hours plus material.  Or so I thought before I got there to give the final price.  I get to the job, a past client of mine, and take a look at the size of the gas range they wanted.

Not the actual size, but the number of BTU’s that are required to for the unit to run properly.  Then we go down into the basement to discover that the original gas line was sized just larger enough to accommodate the existing fixtures.  Which included a water heater, furnace, and fireplace.  To make this job work we had to go back to within 2 feet of the meter and tie in at that location.  Which was on the front part of the house on the other side of the garage.

In total we had to run a new gas line 75 feet!  The cost worked out to around $1200 with material, labor and permit.  The homeowner said he wished that they would have known this before spending $2000 on the gas range.  UPDATE: Not to worry, I was just in his house fixing a toilet, and he is happy with his gas range and glad he went ahead with it.

The second gas line was for a lady that was renovating her kitchen.  Dustin over at High Grade Kitchens and Baths did a great job.  This job was tougher than normal because the basement was finished and had a drywall ceiling.  I measure about 6 times to make sure I was going to be drilling a hole in the right place.  Do not do this yourself.  I was able to drill a small hole, then get a light to shine down the hole to make sure there was no wires around.

I then took a longer drill bit and went through the floor all the way down and through the ceiling below.  Then downstairs I cut out a small hole just big enough for my hand.  I used flexible gas line to run from above and down into the joist space.  I then was able to get the line to slide a couple of feet over to the furnace room, and put up the hangers to hold it in place.  I then covered the ceiling hole with a return air vent that would now act as a access panel.

She was so happy that she did not have to patch the ceiling anywhere as before the job started I said I may need to cut out a few holes.

Always remember “You get what you pay for”

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