Natural Gas BBQ

I just finished hooking up a Weber Barbecue for a very nice couple out in Sherwood Park.  They bought this BBQ from Trail Appliances and had Trail assemble the appliance for them.  I have since been back to their house to run a fridge line and they absolutely love their Weber BBQ.

Each year I hook up about 25 bbq’s and sometimes when I go to a clients house I see a problem right away.  Something to watch for is if the last owner ran copper tubing out for their bbq then you will want to make sure the size of the tubing is large enough to accommodate your barbecue.  This particular job went off without a hitch, but last year I did have one young couple that just bought a house and the gas line out of the house was too small to handle the 40,000 BTU load.  Luckily the meter was right there so we were able to pull a permit and tap into the downside of the meter and hook up their BBQ.

If you need your barbecue hooked up to your gas line give me a call at 780-264-0878




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