Here are some photos of gas lines, plumbing and renovations we have done in Edmonton.

BBQ Gas line in Edmonton

BBQ Gas line in Edmonton


Here you can see a slight leak from the soap test I did.  One little twist of the wrench and the leak was gone.  Always do soap testing when installing gas lines in Edmonton.




Water line Manifold made from Copper in Edmonton

Manifold made of Copper for Pex water lines


Here I was setting up some water lines after another plumber in Edmonton ran water lines without testing anything.  Whenever you hire a plumber in Edmonton make sure they have a plumbing ticket.



Stainless Steel dishwasher installation in Edmonton

New dishwasher in Edmonton

Installing a dishwasher in Edmonton is a lot tougher than it used to be.  After plumbing for 25 years I would say in the last five years the newer styles a little more challenging.

If you are installing a dishwasher in Edmonton yourself make sure to read the instructions.  This dishwasher required a hole large enough to get the water supply and a larger electrical box through into the cabinet under the sink.




Ground work for basement bathroom toilet, shower and laundry

Ground work done to code


See more pictures of basement bathrooms in Edmonton here.