Plumbing Supplies Edmonton

When you are looking for plumbing supplies in Edmonton you most likely think about one of the big box stores.  Which if you are looking for a plumbing fixture of some sort or the most common types of plumbing supplies then you will be just fine going to one of these stores.  If however you are looking for an older part of some kind or something that is not for your home but for a commercial plumbing project or maybe an industrial plumbing project then you will need to go to a plumbing supply or plumbing wholesaler. Continue reading

Edmonton Plumbing Prices

How much do plumbers charge in Edmonton?

This can vary quite a bit from company to company.  If a company is very busy they will sometimes charge more than normal simply because they do not want the job.  Or if a company uses inferior products, doesn’t pull permits, uses apprentices or handyman on the jobs they quote the price could be a lot lower. Continue reading