Bonnie Doon Plumbers in Edmonton

Bonnie Doon is in the central east part of the city.  Originally part of the city of Strathcona, but became part of Edmonton when the two cities merged into one in 1912.

Most of the houses that I have done plumbing and gas fitting in are older houses with copper water lines and cast iron drain pipes.  If you are going to renovate your house in Bonnie Doon you should think about changing over from cast iron to ABS drain lines.  Call your Bonnie Doon plumbing company for help if you need any work done.

Since the trees are mature in the area you can expect many of the houses in Bonnie Doon to have some root problems with the drains.  To keep this under control you should apply an eco friendly root killer to your drains once or twice per year.  If things get really bad and you continually snake the drains you can expect at some point the old pipes will break under ground and you will need to dig up your yard and install new pipes.

Most of the houses I have worked in have large basements that can be developed for more living space in your Bonnie Doon home.

Careful with your gas lines as I have seen many people in this area over the years have done some of their own gas fitting.  Which means that some of the gas lines may be undersized and may not heat or cook as well as if the sizing was down properly.

If you need any plumbing or gas fitting work down in the Bonnie Doon area please give us a call at 780-264-0878



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