Plumbers Alberta Avenue Edmonton

Alberta Avenue runs from 97 Street and 122 ave eastward to 89 st, down to 111 ave, back west to 97 street.

Most of the houses in the Alberta Avenue area are mature houses with large trees.  The area has recently gone under some revitalization and is looking pretty good. Call your Edmonton plumber for any services you may require.

As the homes were built prior to world war 2 there is a lot of cast iron drains and copper water lines.  In some of the houses you can still find galvanized water lines.  For the most part these are 1 and 2 bathroom houses.  The basements can be developed but a lot are smaller than houses built after the war.

The 2 most common plumbing problems in these houses is leaks from older copper line and clogged drains from roots getting into the older cast iron and clay pipe drains. It is a good idea to put root killer down your drains once per year to keep the roots from growing.  If your drains get clogged you will want to either call a drain cleaning company or rent a snake and clear out the drains yourself.

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