Plumbers Edmonton South

Throughout the South side of Edmonton there are many neighborhoods of many different ages.  There are the older areas of Edmonton south that are close to the University of Alberta, and there are very new areas of Edmonton South that were just built.  In either case if you need any plumbing work or repairs you need a plumber that has years of experience and not just familiar with new plumbing.  I have been plumbing for 22 years and can safely say that I have still not seen it all, but I can figure it out!

Depending on the area that you live in the water lines you have can be PEX, Poly-B, Copper, or even galvanized.  For the most part galvanized water lines do not last that long so most likely you have had an up grade in your home to either of the other three types of piping materials.

Your drain lines can be made of either ABS, PVC, or Cast Iron and Copper.  I say cast iron and copper because when houses used cast iron for drains the smallest pipe you could have was 2 inch, which means anything smaller was made from copper.

Commercial plumbers in Edmonton still use cast iron in buildings, but the method of joining cast iron pipe is no longer with running rope and lead in a hub and spigot method.  Now mechanical joints or MJ clamps are use to join cast iron pipe together and to copper.

Newer houses in Edmonton South will have the ground work in place for you to develop your basement.  If you live in an older area or you want your plumbing location moved in a newer area you will need to jackhammer up the concrete floor to get the drain lines to the location for your bathroom and other plumbing needs you have in a basement.  After the ground work is done you will need to install the bathtub or shower and the faucets and any water lines going to any fixture you want in your basement.  You will then need to have you basement finished and then have your toilet, bathroom vanity and sink with faucets installed.

If you live in Edmonton South and need a plumbing company for Edmonton south please give us a call at 780-264-0878