Plumbers Edmonton West End

There are many neighborhoods throughout the west end.  Depending on where you live you can find that your house has plumbing pipes that are made from ABS drain pipe, cast iron drain lines, PVC drains, galvanized or copper draining systems.

The water lines in your house can be made of any of the following materials, Pex, PolyB, copper, or galvanized.

Check out the individual neighborhoods in the west end to find out more about the plumbing systems that are commonly found in these homes.  If you are looking for a west end plumbing company please give us a try.

In some of the neighborhoods you will find the basement ground work is completed and ready for you to rough in a basement bathroom.  In other areas you will have to jackhammer up the concrete to get the plumbing to the desired locations.

In some of the older areas of the west end of Edmonton you will find that the drain lines going out to the street have rotted down to nothing and will need to have the yard dug up and replace the lines.  This is only true in the areas that are over 40 years of age.  In most cases anything less than forty years of age should still be intact.

If you need any plumbing or gas fitting work done in the west end of Edmonton please give us a call at 780-264-0878



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