Plumbers in Allard Edmonton

Allard is one of the newest areas in the city of Edmonton.  Becoming a neighborhood in 2007.  You can Allard just south of Rutherford, which is in the far South West corner of Edmonton.

As the houses in this area are newer you will find most of the plumbing is going to be using PEX for water lines and ABS for drain lines.  You will also find that depending on the builder the plumbing for your house in Allard should be ready to build a bathroom in the basement.  Call your Allard plumbing company if you need a plumber for your basement project.

I have only been in one house in this area.  The plumber that installed the shutoff valves for the outside hosebibs put the valves in backwards so when the homeowner turned the valves off in the winter he was not able to drain the system.  I cut out the valves and turned them around so he would not feeze his water lines in the winter.

The basements should have the ground work for the plumbing ready for you to run the water lines and build the bathroom.  Prior to developing your basement you should think about running an outside water line for a future irrigation system and if you don’t already have one you should run a gas line for a future BBQ.

If you need any plumbing or gas fitting work done in the Allard area of the city of Edmonton please give me a call at 780-264-0878



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