Ramsay Heights Plumbing Services

Ramsay Heights is a location in Edmonton just off the Whitemud Drive close to 53 rd ave.  Housing pricing in Ramsay Heights are above average and most houses are single family dwellings.  Close to Riverbend Square, which has a Safeway, Second Cup, library, and many other shops.

I have done a few service calls in houses located in Ramsay Heights.  As a Ramsay Heights plumbing company we are fair and give great service.  The houses that I have worked on have ABS pipes for drains and either copper or PolyB for water lines.

The trees are mature in Ramsay Heights, which can cause a problem with roots clogging drains.

The average house was built over 30 years ago and could use a renovation if there has not been any work done.  Most houses will be either on their second or third water heater, and should be getting a newer furnace or garage heater installed soon if necessary. Also if the toilets have not been changed out it is time to get newer low flush toilets.

Poly-B water pipe is known for splitting and is no longer available.  If you have a house with PolyB water lines then you should be aware of the situation with Poly B, the most common place for your water lines to split is near the outside walls on cold days or close to the water heater.

If you need any plumbing or gas fitting done in the Ramsay Heights area feel free to give me a call at 780-264-0878



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