Shut Off Valves in Edmonton

As I do a lot of renovation, repair and replacement plumbing work in the city of Edmonton, I see a lot of people’s houses.  For the most part they only have shutoff valves at the main by the meter and at each toilet.  Most people are not happy about having no shutoffs underneath their sinks and think it is just because the builder was ripping them off.

Whenever I do the plumbing in a full house I always put in shutoff valves.  But as I say I only do renovation and that type of work, so I only do a new house every couple of years or so.  Even when I used to do 5-6 per year I still would put in shutoff valves.  The thing is there is no code that says you have to have shutoff valves underneath a sink, only for the toilets.

The reason I would install shutoff valves is because I wanted to keep these people as clients for years to come.

The average house will cost the plumbing company an extra $150 or so to put in shut valves.  For me this was not much money, but if I built 500 houses per year then I might rethink this.  As 500 times $150 is $75,000 per year for shutoffs that are not required.  Would they make their money back in services over the years?  Maybe, but most construction plumbers do not do service work.

There are a couple of different kind of shutoffs for under sinks.  Most will be either a globe valved or a ball valve.  The ball valve costs more, but is better in many ways as there is no rubber parts and you only have to turn the valve a quarter turn to turn it off.

Always remember “You get what you pay you”

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