Tankless Water Heaters in Edmonton

I am not a huge fan of tankless water heaters, but I have to say that I have only installed a couple of these.  The first one I installed was quite a few years ago and after I had installed it I found that the flow rate was much to slow to fill the bathtub.  The homeowners were furious.  Not at me, as I did not sell them the product just installed the one they had bought.

I called the manufacturer and told them the situation and they said that in colder areas of the world you may have to install two in series or install a tank with a circulating pump.  Hmmm, really?  Install a tank?  Then why go tankless?

I took the tankless water heater out and installed a 50 gallon high efficient water heater.  This they were happy with.

The next one I installed was at a house where the owners were more into taking showers then taking baths.  They were happy with the installation.

I have been paying more attention to the types of water heaters people have been using.  There is one out there that a lot of people have been using and so far they have all been happy with it.  I will look into this one more before deciding if I will get into the tankless water heater business.

I did then install another water heater that was the most efficient water heater I have ever looked at.  Called the Polaris.  This water heater sold for $3200 plus another $300 or so in parts.  The installation process took a bit longer, but this 50 gallon water heater is amazing.  At 92% efficient this water heater is close to the most efficient water heater on the market.

After installing this unit I fired it up and within 20 minutes the whole 50 gallons of water got to 140 degree F.  I went with the home owner and we filled a tub with pure hot water, and once the tub was full I put my hand under the spout and could not touch the water as this was still hot.  Careful not to burn yourself.

Other water heaters that are fast and efficient are indirect water heaters.  These are heated with a boiler so unless you are heating something else other than water you might find this price is just too high.

Always remember “You get what you pay for”

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