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You will need an Edmonton plumber for a gas line bbq hookup.  Even though you can actually pull a gas permit and install the gas line for your bbq yourself this may not be the smartest thing in the world to do.  Afterall we are talking about natural gas is which a highly explosive fuel that can cause you many problems if don wrong.  Even when you do get an inspector to take a look at the job does not mean you are safe.

The plumber you hire in Edmonton should size the gas line in your house at the moment and size the gas line going to your bbq.  A gas line needs to be sized based on the load of the bbq as well as the load of the other fixtures in the house.  If for some reason your gas line is too small to handle the bbq then your plumber will have no choice but to go back to within two feet of the gas meter for the hookup.

Many bar-b-ques now can be almost as large as your furnace and almost always larger then your water heater.  When I say larger I am talking about the btu’s of the unit.  Most furnaces are around 90,000 BTU’s and water heaters are between 36,000 and 56,000 BTU’s depending on the size.  The BBQ’s that I have hooked up have been anywhere between 45,000 and 110,000 BTU’s.  That is a lot of cooking power!

Materials used to pipe a gas line to a BBQ can be type K copper tubing, black iron, plastic for underground, or a flexible gas line.  Any material that is used has a different load capacity than the other materials.  Your plumber will have a chart in his or her natural gas code book.  Except for the flexible gas line.  These charts are found in the spec books provided by the type of flexible line your plumber uses.

If you are running a gas line under ground you can use copper tubing or plastic under ground tubing with steel risers and a copper locating wire to find the location of the pipe in the future.

You will need a gas permit to get the gas line inspected after the work has been done.  Your plumber can do this here in Edmonton.

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