How Much To Spend on Toilets

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Toilets come from so many different companies now that it is tough as a home owner to know what is good and what is not.  A simple rule of thumb is the cheaper the toilet the less value you are getting.

A year ago I did the plumbing in a 2500 square foot house that was absolutely beautiful.  The home owner was building the house themselves and since they had know prior construction experience I was quite impressed with how much they were able to do themselves and how much they were easily able to contract out.

The one part I was not a fan of was the choice they made in their toilets.  I show up to install 4 toilets and the rest of the finish plumbing one day.  Only to discover that they had bought the cheapest lowest quality toilet I had ever seen.  The installation was more difficult than a normal toilet, and the functionality was not that great.

What I was displeased the most about was they had asked me what toilet they should install.  For the money I like the american standard cadet 3.  I have installed many of these and have had great success.  I have also had great success with many of the one piece and two piece Toto toilets.  In fact the Toto toilet is most likely one of the best toilets you could have.  The only downside is the $400 cost to the toilet.

About a year later the client called me up and wanted me to come and repair his toilets.  I went and looked at what the problem was and three out of the four toilets were leaking through the flapper.  I changed the flappers and everything was good, the homeowner was not happy with his original purchase but was not unhappy enough to change the toilets at that point.

Remember You always get what you pay for.

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