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Plumbing contractors in Edmonton are different from plumbing repairmen in Edmonton.  The difference is that plumbing contractors normally do some sort of construction work or installation.  Where as plumbing repairmen are more into service work and repairing things that need to be fixed.

For the most part both types of plumbers in Edmonton are able to do the work you would need done.  The one time this does not quite work out is when a plumbing contractor only does large commercial plumbing or industrial plumbing.

Here is a quick list of the jobs that plumbers in Edmonton will often perform.

Commercial Plumbing in Edmonton

Commercial plumbers perform tasks with jobs in commercial construction projects.  These types of jobs can range from a small coffee shop to a large high rise condo complex.  Commercial plumbers will work a lot with copper and cast iron piping systems.  And if they do hot water there is a lot of black iron pipe that is used.  Sometimes they use fan coils, in floor heating systems or baseboard heating systems.  All coming from a large boiler that has pipe that is larger than 2 inches in diameter, which means these system are all welded together instead of threaded.

The drain pipes consist of cast iron and DWV copper pipe.  The copper pipe is joined together by soldering the joints while the cast iron is joined together by using mechanical joints or MJ clamps.

In warehouses commercial plumbers in Edmonton mainly use PVC drain pipe and copper for water lines.

Residential Plumbing in Edmonton

Most houses in Edmonton use PEX for waterlines and ABS pipe for drain lines.  Compared with commercial plumbing systems the only blue prints that are used by the plumber show the locations of the plumbing fixtures and not the location of the piping used.  Where as commercial plumbing has drawings that show the locations of the pipe.

A plumber that does residential construction will dig trenches, solder some joints, drill holes through the floor and walls, and place fixtures like bathtubs, showers and toilets.

Plumbing Service Edmonton

Plumbing service can consists of repairing or removing and replacing fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs, faucets, and sinks.  A service plumber will also do the plumbing part of a renovation or the plumbing in a basement development project.  Service plumbers do not repair dishwashers or washing machines as these are appliances and not really fixtures.  Even though a service plumber can hook up a washing machine or dishwasher we don’t do any repairs.

On a large commercial dishwasher the plumber will do repairs, along with a qualified electrician.

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