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When you are looking for plumbing supplies in Edmonton you most likely think about one of the big box stores.  Which if you are looking for a plumbing fixture of some sort or the most common types of plumbing supplies then you will be just fine going to one of these stores.  If however you are looking for an older part of some kind or something that is not for your home but for a commercial plumbing project or maybe an industrial plumbing project then you will need to go to a plumbing supply or plumbing wholesaler.

There are three main plumbing supply companies in Edmonton that are used by plumbers in Edmonton on a regular basis.  These are Emco, Bartle and Gibson, and Wolseley.  As these are plumbing wholesalers you can expect that the costs for someone that is not a plumber to be higher, but if it is a part that you need then at least you can repair what you are doing instead of replacing the whole thing.

Other plumbing supply companies in Edmonton are Best Plumbing and Lighting and BA Robinson.  These companies do cater more to home owners and plumbers alike.

If you are working on a larger project then any plumber that you hire can supply you with any or all of the plumbing supplies that are required for that job.

Often plumbing fixtures will cost more at a plumbing wholesaler than at one of the big box stores.  Not just for you but for plumbers in Edmonton as well.  The reason for this is the way the product is made.  For instance every product has a master distributor that supplies the product to the wholesalers.  If that product fails in some way often the master distributor will have parts for that product.  If however you buy a plumbing fixture from a big box store then that product is supplied from a different source.  Even though the faucet or toilet might look the same the assembly and parts for that product are different.  This is most likely because the big box stores need the lowest price possible to compete with each other.  This generally means an inferior product.  Not a bad product just inferior.

This means that if you are price shopping you might think you are getting a killer deal from one of the big box stores but in actual fact the product may not last nearly as long as the same looking product from a plumbing wholesaler.

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