Bathroom Renovations

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As your bathroom gets older you are going to want to do some sort of remodel or renovation job.

Things to think about when getting your Edmonton bathroom renovation completed.

1.  Do you want to do a full renovation or just a partial renovation?

2.  Are you doing a swap out of plumbing fixtures or changing the design of the bathroom?

3.  Should you refinish your bathroom vanity or replace?

4.  Are you going to do any of the work yourself?

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you go any further with your bathroom renovation.

In my experience most people go for a full bathroom gut or a partial with new fixtures.  The difference between the two is cost and desire.

Just last week I was helping with a bathroom renovation and the homeowner did not want to replace the tub.  Yet they were putting in a new tiled tub surround.  If you are going that far you better think hard about NOT changing out the bathtub.  Once the new tiled tub surround is in place it will be years before you will renovate again.  And throughout those years you will most likely have regrets.

The cost to renovate a bathroom in Edmonton

You will find the price to renovate a bathroom in Edmonton will vary from company to company and will depend on the types of materials involved.  Most bathroom renovations will start at about $7000.  This will include remove and replace a bathtub, bath/shower faucets, toilet, vanity, light fixture and mirror/medicine cabinet.  This also includes a tiled floor and tiled tub surround and new paint.

But the products used are all part of the starter package so you should not expect granite counters, slate tile, or a jetted tub.  Still a great price considering most companies start at $8000.

The reason we can have a lower price is because we have plumbers on staff and have great relationships with people in the tile industry.

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