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Are you looking to develop your basement?  There are a few things you need to know.  Before I answer that let me tell you about who I am.  My name is Kelly Kramer and I have been a plumbing contractor for about 24 years now.  I have done countless basements and bathrooms and have seen and heard of many nasty things.  Here are a few things you need to know.

1.  Are you hiring a general contractor?

2.  Do you want to be the project manager and hire individual trades?

3.  Do you have a realistic budget in mind?

4.  Are you pricing your budget to allow for higher or lower quality products and work?

5.  Does your house have cast iron?  (Many older homes in Edmonton have cast iron, not all plumbers know how to cut into this, and the guys I have rented from are wrong on how to safely cut cast)

6.  Are you having your trades pull the permits?  If not then you better be doing the work yourself.  Pulling a permit and allowing others to do the work is against the safety codes act of Alberta.  And not pulling a permit is a criminal offence punishable by up to 6 months in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

Cost for a Basement Development in Edmonton

The price will vary from contractor to contractor depending on the overhead of that contractor and their level of skills.  It is a general rule of thumb to get three quotes and choose the middle quote.  But you should also try and go by what the company has done in the past, references and length of time in business.

Depending on how high end you go and the age of the house you can expect the price to be anywhere between $35 and $60 per square foot.  Anything lower and I can guarantee the contractor is either lowballing the price to charge a lot of extras or the contractor is a fly by night type company and you will end up on one of those reality shows with a sob story to tell on how bad you were ripped off.

If you are doing the basement yourself but need a plumbing company then you can expect a cost of about $2000 to $4000 for your basement bathroom.  This would include breaking and pouring concrete, pulling permits, running water lines, setting the shower base or tub, installing faucets, sink and toilet.  The price can be lowered if you want to break the concrete and patch the hole afterwards yourself.  You can supply your own plumbing fixtures if you like.

Things to think about before developing your basement.  Do you have a natural gas line for your BBQ?  If not this is much easier to do before your basement is finished.  Do you have an irrigation line stubbed out of your house?  What is the purpose of the basement?  This will tell you if it makes more sense to run your heating vents down to the floor or leave these in the ceiling.  Are you installing vacuum lines for your existing or current centra vac?

If you need a plumber or a team to develop your basement give us a call at Kramer Plumbing and Radiant Heat 780-264-0878




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