Warning: Do Not Trust What You See on TV

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I am sitting here watching the DIY network and cannot believe my eyes.  Not sure if this is a fake tv show or actually is real, but either way this is wrong.

Some guy is taking out his dishwasher and realizes the water and electrical is still hooked up.  He starts to disconnect the water just to find out the water is still on, shocking…

Here is Alberta all dishwashers have a shutoff valve, in this guys case there was a shutoff valve, he just forgot to use it.

Then he shuts of the gas to the stove, but instead shuts of the gas to the furnace.  Disconnects the stove only to have natural gas flowing at full force into his house.  At least the other guy that happens to be there is smart enough to put his finger over the line to stop the flow until the gas can be shut off.  Just so you know natural gas in Edmonton, Alberta, generally has a pressure of 7 inches water column.  That is about a half a pound per square inch which compared to your water at 80 pounds per square inch there is not much flow.  Regardless get a professional to do anything with your gas line.

Next, this same guy installs a valve then a bushing then a street 90.  This is illegal in Alberta.  You can use bushing last time I checked but only if the bushing reduces at least to pipe sizes.  A street 90 is a elbow that is male on one side and female on the other.  The only place these are allowed in Edmonton is on appliances that have a CSA approval to use the fitting.

Not sure what people are thinking when they try to save money.  For your peace of mind for you and your family call a professional.

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