Edmonton Plumbing Prices

How much do plumbers charge in Edmonton?

This can vary quite a bit from company to company.  If a company is very busy they will sometimes charge more than normal simply because they do not want the job.  Or if a company uses inferior products, doesn’t pull permits, uses apprentices or handyman on the jobs they quote the price could be a lot lower.

For the most part if you pick the lowest price there must be something that is given up.  You cannot go and buy a brand new car for the price of a used car.  If you think you are getting a deal you might be, but if you think you are getting a killer deal then most likely you are getting taken to the cleaners in some way.

The hourly rate for a journeyman plumber in the city of Edmonton goes from anywhere between $85 per hour to $105 per hour.  If you get a quote on a job this price could end up being higher or lower depending on how the job goes.

In fact if you are getting a quote the plumbing company will cover all of their bases in that quote and the price could be a lot higher than if you had the work done by the hour.  Unless of course the company you higher doesn’t have qualified workers, then the hours can be a lot higher.

If you find a plumber that is going to charge you under $85 per hour then the chances of them coming back to guarantee their work is few and far between.

Whenever I get a job I always ask the home owner what the other plumbing prices came in at.  Last week I did a job for $420, another plumber came in at $475 and another plumber came in at $675.

This was quite the difference in pricing.  And once I was done the job when I added up my time and material my price should have been $480, so in a sense I lost $5.  Not a big deal, and I never did tell the client about that.

But on the other side of things, the company that quoted $675 would have made $195 in extra profit, not profit, but extra profit.  Since I did make a profit.

Other Plumbing Quotes in Edmonton

The other type of plumbing quote to be aware of is the low ball quote.  Maybe this company uses qualified workers and does a great job.  How do they make any profit?  Easy, every little tiny thing that is not in the quote gets added to the bill.

In actual fact a quote is always just a guideline.  No plumber really knows what is inside of a wall or under a floor to give you a dead on price.  Yes, an experienced plumber should be able to give a close price, but since know body can be dead on there are many that take advantage of this.

You might be thinking that your quote should be your quote, but most plumbers will say the quote does not include any changes or any unforeseen situations.

I try to stay within my quoted price all of the time.  In fact the only time I go over is when the client changes something or adds something to the job.  Otherwise I will eat the extra price if I missed on my price.

However this means that I start off higher than a lot of plumbers out there.

A good example is a job I quoted about a year ago.   I went and looked at a job and the price came out to $2200.  The client said I was way too high because he had someone quote $1500.  Two weeks later he called me and said he wanted me to do the job, saying the other guy couldn’t get there for awhile and he needed this done.

I did the job, price came in right where I thought it would.  When I collected from the client I asked about the other guy.  Since I now had a pretty good rapport with the client he was honest with me.  The other guy quoted over the phone, came to do the job and just before he started said he would have to charge more because he was not aware of a few things.

His price was now over $2200, but I do not know how much over.  The other plumbing company was there and ready to work, so most people would have just said fine, go ahead.  But this guy said, fine, get out of my house and called me instead.

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Please remember that you always get what you pay.

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