Dishwashers Installation

Dishwashers in general have become lighter, and more quiet than dishwashers of the past.  The going rate to remove and replace a dishwasher is $250 when the client supplies the dishwasher and has it at the house when the plumber shows up.  We charge by the hour plus material so on average our price works out to $190.

When installing a new dishwasher the easiest procedure is to use a braided supply tube instead of a copper tube.  If you have a poly b water line then you will need to convert that so you can tie in the 3/8ths supply tube.  Some people will take the brass adapter off the existing dishwasher and place on to the new dishwasher.  I wouldn’t do that, you are better off going with a new 3/8 NPT by 3/8 compression thread adapter.  Unless you have the style of dishwasher that now uses a hose adapter by 3/8 compression fitting.

If you buy the newer Samsung dishwasher you will need to drill a hole into the kick space of the cupboard to get thewater and drain lines into the sink area.  Follow the instructions in the pamphlet that comes with the dishwasher.  You will also need to run the water line and the electrical line through the trough areas under the dishwasher, unlike most dishwashers that are open underneath.

The Meile dishwasher sometimes comes with a waterline with a filter system attached.  You will need to cut a larger hole in the cabinet to get this through to under the sink, and you will need to sometimes adapt the waterline to a hose adapter.

The Bosch dishwasher is pretty much standard to hook up except for the electrical.  This has to be plugged into a wall socket instead of being hard wired.  As products change you will need to check with your manual to see if this is the same today.

The electrical should be hooked up by an electrician.

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