Edmonton Basement Development

Are you looking to develop your basement?  There are a few things you need to know.  Before I answer that let me tell you about who I am.  My name is Kelly Kramer and I have been a plumbing contractor for about 24 years now.  I have done countless basements and bathrooms and have seen and heard of many nasty things.  Here are a few things you need to know. Continue reading

Home Inspectors Edmonton

I have not dealt with any home inspectors here in Edmonton, but I have had a few clients that have.  In both cases I was not impressed with what had been written up in the report.  In the first instance a friend of mine had a house inspected.  He then called me up to repair everything that the inspector said was wrong, so he sent me the full report ahead of time. Continue reading

Unclogging a Toilet

Today I got a call to unclog a toilet in an office building.  I was told this particular toilet was plugging every month or two which made me think that it was time for a new one.  When I got to the job I had to auger the toilet three times to get the rid of the clog.  But we had success. Continue reading

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat in one type of heating system that is often hooked up and installed by plumbers in Edmonton.  Radiant heat is a form of heating that is similar to how the sun heats the earth.  The heat comes from the medium and radiates outwards in all directions.  In this article I will explain the different kinds of radiant heating systems that make sense here in Edmonton. Continue reading

Plumbing in Edmonton: DIY Fails That Cause Sewer Gas to Poison the Home

Recently I did a job for a young couple that was totally wrong.  Apparently the homeowner liked to do their own plumbing work but did not like to read on how plumbing drains should be hooked up.  The kitchen sink and bathroom sinks were hooked up wrong.  Instead of using a p-trap the homeowner created an s-trap.  Since you can not buy an s-trap the only way to have one is to make one. Continue reading

Edmonton Plumbing Prices

How much do plumbers charge in Edmonton?

This can vary quite a bit from company to company.  If a company is very busy they will sometimes charge more than normal simply because they do not want the job.  Or if a company uses inferior products, doesn’t pull permits, uses apprentices or handyman on the jobs they quote the price could be a lot lower. Continue reading